The Morning Liter™ - A Passport to Radiant Health
Feb 03, 2021 by Craig Hoffman

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Ayurvedic Water Therapy

The Morning Liter™ was derived from an ancient Ayurvedic water therapy that is believed to have extended lives and cured the diseases of many. It is based on the philosophy that ridding the body of toxins and achieving ideal cellular hydration is paramount to a healthy body and thus long life.

The Morning Liter™ Instructions

  • Upon waking drink 1 liter, or two 16oz glasses, of Atla Water
  • Consume the entire volume. If you cannot consume the entire volume, wait a few minutes and finish the remainder
  • Use water directly from the Atla Water System. Do not use refrigerated Atla Water
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after The Morning Liter