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Everyone drinks water. But not all water is created equal.
That's something we discovered back in 2006 when we developed our proprietary water technology in a small Seattle lab. Knowing that naturally fed spring water can deliver vitality and better overall health, we wanted to find a way to harness the properties of a mountain spring without impacting the environment through single-use plastics.

And that's exactly what we did.

Inspired by the legend of Atla, protector of water and rotation of the cosmos, our premium system recreates the spiraling dynamics of a mountain spring, producing soft, light-tasting, and easily drinkable water right from the tap. This isn't mere filtration. It's the rebirth of water. One that provides thirst-quenching enlightenment for those unwilling to compromise on taste, convenience, or sustainability.

Now based in sunny Southern California, we're proud to have our filtration systems in the homes of thousands of discerning customers who understand firsthand how premium water is foundational to life without compromise.

Atla | Beyond Purification®

Atla develops water tech that reaches beyond purification to create water beyond compare. We empower individuals, families, and companies to make a sustainable choice without compromising on health, taste, or convenience. Bottled water is now obsolete.

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