You’ve never tasted water like this...even from a bottle.

Atla is the only premium under-sink filter with technology that imbues water with a lighter and more vibrant mouthfeel. Atla fans rave about the taste but love the fact that Atla also preserves the beneficial minerals that other filters strip away. Atla powers the cold side of the kitchen faucet or a dedicated faucet and is simple to install, thanks to the Atla app. Or, let us install it!

Upgrade to Atla Water for just $0.31 per day.

Coffee made with Atla Water
Pasta boiled in Atla Water

Compromise on nothing.

This isn’t mere filtration. It’s the rebirth of water, transformed and revitalized for those unwilling to compromise on taste, convenience, or sustainability.

  • Water, enlightened.

    Our in-home system is 3rd party lab certified to remove harmful contaminants while preserving the beneficial minerals.

  • The miracle mineral.

    Magnesium regulates more than 300 functions in the body, from neurotransmitter support to blood sugar balance. Our water is naturally alkaline with magnesium to help you live your best life.

  • A taste of the sublime.

    Experience bliss while improving hydration. Our revitalizing process makes Atla the lightest and most refreshing water ever.

Discover the power of transformation.

Explore the beyond.

Did you know that drinking pure water causes severe health problems? Water must have minerals to support health. Learn more about what makes water healthful in our blog.

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Experience must-have kitchen technology inspired by nature.