Paul G. - Orland Park, Illinois

"Atla has helped greatly in relieving my leg cramps."

Jack F. - Nyssa, Oregon

"Love it. Had a reverse osmosis unit, got headaches all the time and couldn't keep my blood pressure down even with medication. Started reading up on it and I replaced it with an Atla unit, headaches went away and blood pressure is normal."

Suzanne P. - Mesa, Arizona

"We bought this based on another's review that it helped relieve the issue of gout. Once installed, within days my husband's gout went away and has not returned in over a year since our purchase. This was a good find for us."

Laura H. - Davenport, Florida

"I love my Atla system and have proof that it changed my health. Before using this system, my doctor kept telling me my lab reports showed I was dehydrated and I needed to drink more water. This was despite my habit of drinking about 100oz of water everyday. Since I got the Atla system (maybe 5 years ago) my lab reports have normalized and have remained normal since drinking this water. This is remarkable because I struggled for years to try to drink more water, only to find out that I just needed to drink the right water."

Bettie P. - Pontotoc, Mississippi

"I had my urine analyzed on a 24 hour test and scored zero on Magnesium. (A low score on this mineral is thought responsible for numerous health problems.) We installed the Atla Water System. On a follow up checkup my Magnesium level was 100%-normal. My urologist was ecstatic and my health is still good."

Thom W. - Pasco, Washington

"I purchased this filter when I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. Being on an immunosuppressant medication, this filter has not only made the water taste great, but has helped my immune system cope with the medications. I haven't been sick nearly as much since drinking this water every day..."

James Strong - Prosper, Texas

"Best water ever!!! I have been using Atla for almost 3 years and have never felt better. The water is the only regimen I changed. During my lab tests for my physicals each 6 months, my doctor said I have the best urine tests he has EVER analyzed. I owe that to the water. My bone density is great and my wife and I are turning 68 this month. She loves the water too. I am so pleased with everything about Atla (including the price) I became an ambassador for the company because I want everyone to have a chance to try it. Alkaline water is among the best health regiment you can why not try it."

Ashley Everly - Meridian, Idaho

"Our family had a very unfortunate experience with the reverse osmosis filter we installed earlier this year (we did not know it was depleting all of us of magnesium until we started exhibiting symptoms of Mg deficiency a few months later). We took a chance and pulled the trigger on your product, then we sent water samples to an independent lab. We received the results today and I'm so, so glad to see them. I feel much more at ease and very satisfied with the water my family is drinking now! Thank you. And I forgot to add that I have a B.S. in environmental toxicology, with an emphasis in water quality. So you can imagine how important it is to me to have clean, healthy drinking water! ;)"

Jeff Billhimer & Kate Phillips - Dayton, Ohio

"My fiance and I have fell in love with Atla from the day I installed it... I have to admit we were both skeptical before our purchase considering the price. The guarantee is what convinced us to give it a try. Worst case we could have sent it back for a refund. So we decided to go for the gamble hoping your promises were true. Surprisingly they were! Preface that by saying that before we did make the purchase I had studied online for literally months on all the different systems available. I was filling out the order form for another much more expensive system when I decided to stop and search the reviews on that system a little deeper before buying. It was that simple search that led me to Atla. I spent the next 3 weeks emailing Atla and looking for reviews on Atla. That's how meticulous I my review should be taken in that context. Kate takes a whole gallon to work with her each day, and I take a 40 oz bottle...we both fill up every night. Just like we read on your website neither of us likes to drink water at other places anymore. Both of us have purchased special containers to accommodate Atla water into our work lives. That's how much we like it. I don't think I've ever consistently drank this much water in my life...and that's a good thing. The 2 best gulps of the day are first thing in the morning and right before bed. It has helped with my IBS and arthritis. I used to take medication as well as multiple natural supplements for those conditions...and after a month or almost 2 months, I felt so good I stopped to see what would happen. I've not taken them since. Living busy lifestyles as most people. there have been a few times when I got too distracted and didn't drink my water like normal. After about 3 days when my cramps and aches would start to re-appear a little light bulb would go off in my head...Atla Water! That was in the first few, we just know...don't forget your water! For me, it's as good as medicine. Even after our 10 months of use we still tell everyone we know how much we love it. Previously, I have always had one type of water filter or another at the kitchen sink. Both in the past and still to this day I do use a pre-filter at the main water valve on my incoming line. I use a 5 micron filter there. That alone helps To some degree with our showers, but after adding Atla and removing our old drinking water filter we noticed an immediate difference in taste. All of the sudden we couldn't get enough water because it was that good. One key feature for me was the flow rate. ALL of my previous filters had a very mild flow...taking up to 30 seconds or more to fill a 24 oz glass of water. I figured that was the price of good water. Not any more. Just like you see in my video I can fill the same 24oz glass with water in less than 3 seconds. I love that. Additionally, we use Atla for our morning coffee. Not only does it taste much much better, but now I don't even have to clean my Bunn coffee maker! Previously I'd have to turn it off, disassemble it, and scrub the lime deposits off the insides of the tank, pieces and parts. After installing Atla, I've torn it down once only to find how clean it is. No More lime! I also tested the PH level before and after and it truly did put out almost 2 full points higher PH water ( 1.7 higher PH) . We really liked that since we both love our hot n spicy acidic foods. Regardless of the details, we loved it then and we love it now. It doesn't compare to soft water or regular water filters in any way."

Christina Everman - Newport News, Virginia

"I had extreme dry mouth that I couldn't get rid of for months. Blood tests showed up fine. It wasn't the air. No matter how much water I drank, it didn't help. While researching, I came across the Atla website. Not only was the information very educational, but the price for the filtration system was reasonable. I decided to go for it. I still don't know what was actually causing the dry mouth, I just know the structured water worked. My mouth went back to normal within days. I was hesitant to try structured water, not really knowing the long term effects of it yet, but the daily hydration I have now speaks for itself. I've been drinking it for two years. One unexpected result has been increased stamina when I start working out again after taking a long break. My body just handles the strain of it better. Something good is going on in there!"

Ricardo N. - San Diego, California

"I want to talk about the most impressive experience that I’ve had with Atla. This occurred with my two dogs. One of them, the German Shepard, had apparent prostate cancer and for a few months had been bleeding in the backyard on a progressive basis. My other dog, half poodle mix, had developed tumors on her belly to the point that they were getting bigger and uglier. I honestly thought that my dogs were going to die. I gave them both Atla water and their symptoms completely disappeared to never come back. If I’m allowed to express myself, I’d like to say, “Praise Jesus, Thank you God Almighty.”

Darcy - Oklahoma

"My family has been using the Atla Water System for over four months now. Of course, as a mother of two little children, you want what is best for them in this toxic world we now live. We had previously been using a top of the line reverse osmosis system; however, we were buying a new home and I wanted something better for the family. I read and researched about the differences between RO systems and ionizers. There are so many brands and varieties out there that make it quite confusing when choosing. I was about to purchase a system when I came across the Atla website. It caught my eye because it said to read before purchasing a new system. I read everything and it lined up with information I've read from other natural sites. The vortex technology and pH really got me. I love that my family is getting the minerals in our water that is much needed. My husband has lost 30lbs. in the last 3 months. I believe with the assistance of the Atla Water along with diet and exercise this was made possible. We have had more energy and feel at peace that our children are getting water closest to its natural state. Thank you Atla!"

Cathy V. - Fargo, North Dakota

"First of all, thank you for giving me an opportunity to comment on your product. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees. I also have some type of arthritis in my hands, either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, which has caused my fingers to become swollen and deformed. I had great difficulty in opening and closing containers. Even when playing cards, I had difficulty mixing and dealing the cards. Since I started using the Atla Water System, a lot of these problems have if not disappeared, at least they have been greatly reduced and my hands do not hurt anymore. The water is very good tasting, similar to water I drank as a child. I take a jug of water to work with me every day, and it is basically the only water I consume. It refreshes and rehydrates me and I don't even mind if the water is room temperature. This is a very good product and I have highly recommended it to others."

Jackie D., R.N.

"Hello, first I have to say I am in LOVE with this water! It is so light and refreshing, there is a difference in taste compared to the water I used to drink. I have experienced a few benefits and I continue to enjoy this water everyday. First was noticeably the fact that I felt 'lighter', the water wasn't heavy. I started to feel almost like cleansed as time passed. I also noticed my skin has cleared up a lot more. I feel like all my skin all over my body is clearer and glows. I even see my hair is shinier and eyes are lighter. I feel more hydrated during the day. I don't feel thirsty as much or the need to drink as much as I used to. Especially when I'm out at the beach or gym. I also feel like my kidneys are a lot happier, I don't suffer from any renal issues but my urine is much clearer. No strong odor, nothing, which also means good hydration. And to top it off, I just feel happier :) I always take a jug of it wherever I go! As a registered nurse I have to say THIS is GREAT water!"

Karen Welsh - Cedar Park, Texas

"We had our unit installed in May 2013 and we absolutely love the benefits of drinking and cooking with clean mineralized water. It is so nice to wash my produce with clean water!! We did experience the taste of minerals for about the 1st month, but it was more than tolerable and we don’t taste it anymore. My grandson has tooth decay that is being treated holistically and toxin-free mineral water is critical in his treatment. I have noticed a huge reduction in my nightly leg cramps since about 2 weeks into drinking the water. We also give it to our pets (4 dogs and 2 cats) and our oldest cat of 12 years has experienced an end to hair loss and his coat has regained some of its original luster and the other cat no longer has flaking skin. Thank you from our entire family (pets too)."

Chuck Neiderhouse

"It's been almost a year since I bought my system. The stomach problems that I experienced prior to buying the system have absolutely gone away. The Atla Water System was the smartest purchase I have made in the past 10 years. I drink, on average, 6 16 oz bottles daily. Instead of coffee and tea, I drink my filtered water and believe me, it has made a major difference in my life. My digestive system has taken a 180 degree turn for the better. If you have someone that is on the fence, have them call me. Thanks again, Atla. You have made a big difference in my life."

Dennison O. - Ypsilanti, Michigan

"I have had my Atla Water System for a little over six months now and I can honestly say I feel the health benefits. I feel better throughout the day and I rarely, if ever, get headaches anymore. Two glasses of water upon waking every morning is key for my day now. I feel it helps me prepare for the day and any day I am unable to start that way, I just do not feel as energized going through the morning. In addition to that, the taste in comparison to tap water or even store bought filters I have tried is noticeable. I would recommend purchasing an Atla Water System to anyone that is looking to improve their health and start taking their body seriously. Once you experience the improvements personally, I would be surprised if anyone would be unsatisfied. Its easy to install, fits under the counter and doesn't use any electricity. I look forward to years of using my Atla Water System and am 100% satisfied with my purchase."

Sean C. - Saint Paul, Minnesota

"I purchased the Atla Water System in March 2013 and haven’t looked back. To begin… the installation under the kitchen sink was effortless and the break-in period was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Three weeks after installation the water was perfectly clear and didn’t have the sediment taste to it anymore. To tell you the truth, the water was better than the city water right out of the gate. As far as health changes, this new water has been incredible. I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day and bring this everywhere that I go, including vacations. It seems to have provided more vitality and sense of well being. I used to have incredibly dry and itchy skin- that now is considerably better since installing the Atla purifier. I have started using this water exclusively for cooking as it doesn’t mess with the flavor of my food. I had not noticed this in other testimonials, but also started Atla watering my dog. Hunter is a 12 years old black lab that may have his best years behind him, but what a difference. My long, loyal friend has been a little less energetic and suffering from some serious head and back dandruff. After a few weeks even he regained the spring in his step and his dandruff is almost unnoticeable. I was shocked by the initial price tag, but have found this system to be worth every penny. I would recommend (and have recommended) this to anyone looking for a home water filtering system. Thanks!"

Katie M. - Kirkland, Washington

"As for our results, they are really quite miraculous. I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic in February of this year. Due to the fact that I have healthy eating habits, my blood sugar levels were under decent control. However, my levels were still too high no matter what I did. Once I started drinking the water, my levels dropped significantly. It is safe to say they dropped an average of 50-70 points throughout the day. And, after only a few weeks of drinking the water, I was able to decrease my insulin dosage and still maintain my blood sugar levels where they should be. So, I am so very grateful for this water. It has made my life so much better and in such a short period of time. The effect of the water was proven even more this past Sunday. I was unable to drink as much of the water because we were out of the house for much of the day. My blood sugar levels were higher than they have been in weeks. Once we got home, I drank a big glass of the water and within a couple of hours, my levels were back down to where they should be. In addition, the water is so nourishing and grounding for both myself and my husband. As an example, this last week my husband was unable to drink as much of the water as he normally does for a few days in a row. He noticed that he was so thirsty no matter how much normal water and herbal teas he drank. Once he realized that he had not been drinking as much Atla water, he drank about 20oz at once and within minutes his thirst was gone and he felt an overwhelming sense of calm and peace come over him. This water is truly a gift to this world and my husband and I thank you and everyone at Atla for making it happen. I hope that the company continues to thrive and have the means to share this water with as many people as possible."

D. Hardinger - Vernal, Utah

"About 4 years ago I spent 5 days in the hospital with a bowel problem called diverticulitis. I asked the doctors the cause, what do I eat now and other related questions. They had no answers. I began researching this out and WOW! It all came down to what we are putting in our bodies. Processed food, tainted water, antibiotics, toxins toxins and more toxins. I began fighting this battle by eliminating as much of this from my diet as possible. I then spent 3 years in a great deal of pain with stomach problems. In 2011 over $6000 in out of pocket medical expenses was spent with the only solution to a foggy diagnosis was to have my gallbladder removed and take pills to get my blood pressure and cholesterol down, Vitamin D to feel better and antibiotics to fight infections. I REFUSED EVERYTHING! I thought if I just drank more water to clean my system that would help but it didn't. My mother in law was drinking water from another system and I began hauling my drinking water from her source. I decided to purchase even though the pH didn't test like promised and the water didn't pass the tomato test. I was still going to buy the system, because I knew the water was still better than tap or bottled, but just before I clicked the purchase now link I found Atla. In the back of my mind I was thinking, "I'll try it for the 90 days and can always return it and get the other system." Well, I purchased my Atla system about 6 months ago. I still have my gallbladder, my blood pressure is down, I'm not sure about my cholesterol but will put money on a lower reading and can eat anything I want. I can't say this water alone cured me because I have other natural things I do, however, this water is a very important piece of the puzzle in my healing process. I won't go anywhere without it. If you are in the process of researching this system like you should be before purchasing let me just tell you, the money back guarantee convinced me to try it, the way I feel convinced me to keep it. Lastly, there's dirt in my water after letting my tomatoes soak and I test the pH with good results. Hmmmm go figure. Thank you Atla!"

Holly K.

"I used to get headaches 1-3 times per week, but since drinking Atla water my headaches have basically stopped. This is a miracle to me! I tried EVERYTHING to stop the headaches that plagued me for several years. Nothing worked. I had awful headaches every week. It was terrible. I thought it was going to be something I would have to live with. There are no words to express my joy, gratitude, and relief that I no longer have to suffer from those horrible headaches. The strange sore/dry tongue feelings have gone away too. I notice less back pain. I had some issues associated with menopause and had no expectations of those symptoms being relieved by the Atla Water. However, I was absolutely amazed to begin experiencing things within my body as if the menopause was reversing; as if some of those symptoms were melting away. I was changing back to feeling the way I felt before going through menopause. There was no way I felt this would ever be possible. It's unbelievable. The only thing I did different was Atla Water. We found the installation to be fairly easy for which we were thankful. The installation was not frustrating nor stressful. We would have never spent this kind of money on a water system if it had not been for two things: 1. The trial period. This was the main determining factor. We would spend the money to see if it would take my headaches away - if it did, we would keep it and if it didn't, then we could return it. 2. Customer service rep explain so well the difference between Atla Water System and other water systems, that I had to try this water."


"Best gift we could have given ourselves. Atla has truly changed my family's life. We were frequently sick, dehydrated, and my husband and I suffered with metabolic acidosis. Exactly one year ago we purchased the Atla Water System and have never looked back. Immediately we noticed the pure and delicious taste of the water. The process goes way beyond any other water purification on the market today. The process removes contaminants naturally leaving the beneficial minerals. Whenever we have company, they comment on how good our water tastes, not to mention our delicious coffee. My family has become very active and are now able to stay hydrated because we are able to drink larger quantities at once without feeling bloated. Truly amazing water! We are healthier now than ever, thanks to Atla."

S. Chikwendu - Calgary, Alberta

"I must tell you that the Atla Water System has made a very big difference in my life and that of my family, but most especially myself. It has changed my ability to drink water from 2 to 8 on a scale from 1-10. I used to have acid reflux but this has improved tremendously. My skin is glowing. I have had compliments like - you are looking younger. The entire family has improved their water intake, we see less allergies and much better health. I feel more refreshed and I believe in all, it's been a blessing. I love the system. The only extra comment I have is that, I cannot drink any water now that is not Atla because it has improved my health so very much."

Lisa Pursell

"Just wanted to let you know that we purchased the Atla System about 1 year ago and our whole family has really benefited from it health-wise. Our 17 year old daughter had been having intestinal issues and, from drinking this water daily, it has helped her tremendously. Everyone that comes to visit us and tries our water just loves it! It's way easier to swallow because it's lighter and you never feel waterlogged after drinking it. It goes straight where it's needed and tastes great! Thanks so much for a great product!"

Daniel Mara

"Drinking Atla Water in large quantities at one time gives a definite energy boost. I wake up feeling rested and dehydration is no longer occurring. My eczema condition has improved remarkably. The bloated feeling after drinking water is gone. This system is an outstanding invention. It shows a true understanding of what makes great water and covers ALL factors involved in returning water to its natural, clean, energy giving qualities. There is no valid competition."

Karen Horton

"First of all I love the taste of the water, I use it for teas, soups, washing vegetables, mouth wash, cleaning, as well as drinking. I noticed it's really good at getting stains out of clothing too. As for my illness, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue 1.5 years ago by a medical doctor. It seems as I'm in early menopause, which seems to be the pattern of all the women in my family. My life totally changed with adrenal fatigue. The worst symptom is severe insomnia, but other bad symptoms as well: low energy, anxiety, so easily wiped out, low immunity, moodiness. The strange thing was that all of the sudden water became my enemy yet I knew the importance of water...(explanation will follow). We were drinking distilled water and reverse osmosis. An adrenal expert, Dr. James Wilson, who has written Adrenal Fatigue 21st Century Stress Syndrome, said that water throws off the potassium and sodium balance in adrenal fatigue patients. So he suggested adding salt to the water, which I did but I really didn't like doing that, because high sodium can cause other problems. So I went from being a heavy water drinker my whole life to getting adrenal fatigue and having a bit of a fear of water because I'd get so sick after drinking water. I started drinking less water. The Atla water is so different! I was so thrilled to be able to love water again, and not get sick from it and drink as much as I want except right before bed, seems to give me energy, a lot of it. I don't get bloated from this water and it doesn't sit in my stomach like the other water, that seemed to almost not absorb. The biggest change has been my energy. After a couple of hours of being awake I used to have to rest in bed, to feel able to get up again. Since Atla, I quit resting. It right away affected my energy. Once I started drinking Atla water, I've doubled the amount of work I do at home or more. I feel more like my old self. It has done so much for my mental state to be productive again. I'm also more hospitable. We had not had company over in a year. I'm doing the things I love more, art, cooking etc. My colon works better too. I lost weight even during Christmas. I'm able to splurge more without as bad of consequences, not having to be as strict on what I eat. I know it is effecting my hormones, my cycle is doing a lot of changing. I am very interested to see what happens as I continue to drink the water. I have had a lot of cleansing and detox but it was not affecting my sleep at first. I tried for 2 weeks doing the water quart cleanse in the mornings and that was too detoxing and threw off my menstrual cycle, and that effected my sleep poorly. Now that I've gone back to drinking 8 glasses of water and not doing the quart in the mornings. My sleep is improving again and we'll see about my cycle. The water is helping my under eye water retention and my skin has been great, glowing. I think this water is the fountain of youth for sure and nothing has excited us for healing like this, I think so much an answer to prayer. I honestly think this water is saving my life. There has been so much illness in my family and this has given us a hope for healing. Also I have not gotten sick minus a cold that only lasted 2 days. My husband works with people coming out of hospitals who are very sickly and we've stayed well this winter so far, minus a cold. Lastly, I seem to be calmer, able to relax more at night. Less anxiety. My son loves the water, he is 5 and a half, he says mommy give me the healing water and he loves it and drinks it all day long. This water and prayer has really changed my illness. We are very very thankful."

Marie Eddy - Colorado

"My experience with Atla has been remarkable. The first thing I noticed after drinking the water is that I no longer felt bloated like I had for years. Next, I was delighted to find that I am 10 pounds lighter, the dark circles under my eyes have remarkably disappeared and I have so much more energy to do the things that I want to do. Not only that, but other family members have noticed how great the water is too! My son keeps telling me that he feels great and my little niece asks for the water every time she visits. My dogs are even happier and are getting along better than ever! Thanks so much for developing this amazing water system!"

James & Stephanie Crawford - San Bernadino, California

"My father, J. David Crawford, purchased your water system at the end of last year. He was so impressed by your water system that he wanted to share with his children. He was providing us water from his system for about a month and we liked it. He purchased two systems, one for me and one for my brother. We all love it. My wife and I have been using the Atla Water System for a couple of months now. We love the pure taste of the water! We have seen changes that we attribute to having been faithfully drinking from our Atla system. My wife and I have dropped a little excess weight. My wife has lost 8 lbs and I have lost 13 lbs. We both seem to feel more energetic and less fatigued. Thank you so much for your water system."

J D Crawford - Redlands, California

"My wife and I are in our late 60s. We have been drinking Atla System water for just 3 weeks. I now feel like springing out of bed every morning, a rarity in the past. She is under a doctor's care for CHF and could not consume extra fluids without having swelling in her ankles and feet. This required an increased use of her water pill. Having six pints a day of Atla she never feels bloated and has not needed additional water pills. She lost seven pounds of weight – totally unexpected –, which I believe is water-weight loss. She and I are diabetic and have noticed a slight decrease in our blood glucose values – no dietary change except consuming Atla water. In fact I have had to reduce my evening Lantus insulin dose to keep my nighttime blood sugar from dropping too low. Again, we both have 6 pints a day, which is about 96 ounces. As others have noted about themselves, the odor of our feces is no longer foul at any time. It is my belief that Atla water supports normal intestinal flora that prevents undesirable organisms in the gut from thriving. We will continue to enjoy Atla water for proper hydration. Its purported immune system support is a plus. We are beginning to tell others about your wonderful Atla system, and everyone knows that word-of-mouth advertising is the best anyone can hope for. UPDATE: In addition to my previous testimonial about your wonderful Atla system is the fact that my wife Shirley has experienced an additional benefit. She was taking a Lasix dosage once in the morning and again in the evening. She has been able to eliminate her evening pill with good results."

Caroline Levy - Port Charlotte, Florida

"Being 79 years young and going strong, I have found the best way for me to attain and maintain good health is thru healthy living -- which includes having a positive outlook on life; gratitude; giving and receiving all aspects of love; connecting with Source; maintaining balance and harmony in all phases of life; being joyful; being peaceful; being playful; eating a healthy fresh (not frozen) organic raw diet; drinking plenty of GOOD pure energized/enhanced water; and exercising my body and mind. When I was checking out the web, I found out about the wonderful, healthy qualities of Atla Water. After comparing your water purification system with others it was easy to choose the Atla Water System. I was most impressed by its technology processes. Until I ordered the unit, I could not determine if the water tasted as good as mentioned by Atla and many of the testimonials. Well, this GOOD tasting water in one of the many benefits of owning the Atla System. Since drinking lots of Atla water is highly recommended for a healthy body -- it is wonderful that the water tastes so delicious! I needed a diuretic, but since my body is very sensitive to any foreign chemicals, I did not wish to use any product that might cause me problems. Thru the Atla website, I learned that a large amount of water is the best and safest diuretic. Now that I have started drinking lots of Atla water, I have found this to be true. It's so much easier to drink plenty of water when it tastes good! I am losing an average of 1 lb/week and my energy level has greatly increased. Since I started drinking about 64 oz of Atla water about 2 months ago, my all-over health has improved and I am enjoying life once again. My mental clarity has increased which makes life more interesting. I find that I am walking much better and my sense of balance has improved. My congested lymphatic system – has again started draining -- which is a good sign. I also find that I am detoxing at a very good pace thru drinking this much water every day. Thank you Craig for producing such a fine product – one that benefits all that use it. I, along with my partner and our friends -- are some of those many benefactors."

Randy Roach, Author of "Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors"

"As a trainer and raw food eater, I have been aware and concerned about the water I drink for quite some time. In fact, for the past eight years I have drank very little water at all. Through the consumption of plenty of raw milk and fresh vegetable juices, I would often go many days without any water in my diet whatsoever. I felt far healthier drinking biologically alive and active fluids as opposed to my fluoridated, chlorinated, and toxic tap-water option. I also did not trust much of the plastic-bottled water or the popular RO water which tasted dead to me. It was through a consultant, who for years had been watching for the right water filtration system, that I was made aware of the Atla product. I did have some familiarity with a few of the properties of water, but was fascinated with just how much I did not know. Atla is a comprehensive filtration system that not only removes heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride; but also structures the water molecules favourable to our body's internal environment, alkalizes the water naturally, and clears old and potentially harmful memory patterns left within our municipal water supply. There is a distinct and noticeable difference in the taste of this water. Many of my training clients will fill their glass jars with my water forgoing their former supplies. I also deal with a number of very intuitive individuals well in tune with the sensitivities of their own bodies and they, too, find this water unique and preferable. I am no longer concerned about running short on raw milk and/or juice since I have incorporated Atla water into my diet- even when the former two are plentiful."

Joyce Reid RN, FIfHI, CLE

"I started filling the dogs water bowls with Atla right from the start. I can say that if we are in a place where I have to give them tap or bottled water they just simply say NO!!! They will NOT drink tap water at all. I have noticed that their water intake is up as we are filling the bowls more often throughout the day. We were really surprised when we noticed their refusal of tap water. It does not matter if the water is carbon filtered or well water. If the water is NOT Atla they won't drink it! How about that? My daughter's 3 year old Bull Mastiff Ginger has been staying with us now for a week. When Ginger first arrived I gave her tap water unfiltered and she would gladly lap it up. We moved her to Atla water on day 2 and now we note that she refuses to drink tap water also. She will smell it and turn and walk away. The only water we have seen the three dogs drink is Atla and lake water. They all refuse to drink the tap water. Both my husband and I experienced a brief gentle detox for about 3 days and then that cleared. Myself - I have arthritis in both my hands which causes pain and discomfort of a 8-9/10 on a pain scale with 10 the worst possible pain. I drank the "K" water for 3 months and noted the pain decreased to 4-5/10 for a month or so then returned with a vengeance. After 2 months on the Atla water the pain began to decrease. Now, the pain could be so debilitating that it was impossible for me to open jars and perform fine tasks with my hands. I can rate the discomfort in my hands at a 1-2/10 occasionally with my hands completely pain free 95% of the time. The range of motion and strength in my hands has dramatically improved. The heat I previously felt in my hands is completely gone. I would say that the pain in my hands has pretty much fallen by the wayside and not detectable at all. My energy is greatly improved, skin looks better (I get comments and questions all the time about how hydrated my skin looks). I will not leave home without my Atla water, I carry it with me everywhere. Unlike tap or bottled water which as you know just sits in the stomach (hence the full bloated feeling) Atla water absorbs quickly thus avoiding that full bloated feeling. I find it easy to drink 27 ounces each time I drink Atla water. Before Atla water my husband and I both would be just short of panic when we were out and about without water. Now we just drink the 27 ounces and go about our business with the knowledge that we are fully hydrated and don't need to freak out about not having good water with us. We use this water also when we bicycle long distances and short. I no longer experience thirst as drinking the "enhanced" water this way does not allow one to get thirsty in the first place. We both know thirst is really a late stage sign of dehydration and not an early sign as most think it is. As you probably know the brain cannot tell thirst from hunger and I tell most everyone I work with to drink 27 oz Atla water before a meal and when they "think" they are hungry."

Charyl J.

"I have had breast cancer three times over the past five years and went through a naturopathic cancer treatment program in Santa Barbara, CA (we live ½ hour away in Santa Ynez) through Issels Medical Center. During that program, the nutritionist advocated ionized water, specifically the Kangen water system - she was a rep for them. (Seems like conflict of interest to me.) We decided to do our own research and found your system online. We've been very pleased and I tested both the water's pH and my own urine to see if there was an improvement and there was. (I went from acidic pH to a pH that's now between 7 and 8. But now we know that pH isn't the whole story.) As your article states, I also noticed after a few days of drinking Atla that my feces was lighter and more buoyant. (Part of the naturopathic program included detox via raw organic coffee enemas so I'm used to "talking dirty.")"

Greg Sansum

"I have now been using the Atla water in my house for 2 months. I was introduced to alkaline water through a Kangen agent. Kangen is probably the best known alkaline water, and they have an MLM to sell it. While I was intrigued at the thought of creating a more alkaline level in my body, as I had read in the past that many diseases simply cannot exist in an alkaline environment, I wanted to know more. Also, the Kangen system is very expensive. After doing research for several evenings, I came across Atla. I was impressed by the fact that the alkalinity was created more naturally with Atla, instead of Kangen's electricity-induced alkalinity, which does not last. I also liked the idea of erasing water's "memory" and infusing the water with good thoughts and feelings. I had read previously about this amazing ability of water, and I wanted to try it in my body. I tried the Kangen water for about a month, and felt more energy. I then switched to Atla, and at first I didn't notice much difference. However, as I continued to drink the water every day, I felt a subtle but profound effect on my body. After two months, I took an objective assessment of the differences. My stress level is drastically reduced! I just have a much higher sense of well-being all the time. I don't worry about things as much. My ability to focus for longer periods of time has improved as well. As I have aged (I am 49 now) I noticed that even having 3 or 4 alcoholic drinks in an evening made me feel a little lethargic the next day. I no longer have that feeling, I feel just fine now, like I did 15 years ago. My libido has improved drastically as well, as my girlfriend can attest. One other interesting side-effect is that I snack less than I used to. I am not sure why that is, but I have lost about 5 pounds since starting with Atla. Since I was about 20 pounds overweight when I started, this is great! It is so wonderful to know that something as simple as drinking water can improve one's health and well-being so much! Thank you!"

Chris & Katie Molina

"We had tried other water filtration systems over the years, but none of them really worked out for us. Then, we found Atla. From that first tasting, we knew this was something special. We have now been drinking Atla water for almost two years and it has made a wonderful difference in our lives. First of all, it tastes really good. In addition, we feel better overall when we drink it. It has helped us hydrate our bodies more deeply than normal water. And for my wife, who has type 1 diabetes, it helps her to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. We initially ordered the boxes of Atla, but last summer we purchased our own Atla Water System. We are so glad we did. The system was very easy to install even in the small under sink area we have in our home. It has been almost a year and we have not had any issues with it. It has been so wonderful to have Atla water anytime we want it without the worry of running out. And, we aren't having to discard the boxes each month. Thank you for creating the Atla system and for giving us that love it so much a way to have it in our homes."

Kalie & Michael Marino

"The Atla water we get from your under-the-sink system has been fantastic! One of the first things I noticed when I drank the water was the very pleasing taste. Most people that taste the water say it has a very soft and mellow quality to it. In addition, the water seems to quench our thirst better than any other water we have tried (and we have tried many types of water!). It appears to hydrate our bodies more than other waters. I believe I have evidence of this. Normally, in the cold winter, my hands get dried up in the afternoon and look wrinkled. This happened, even though I drank a lot of water. However, since drinking the Atla water over the past month, this has been happening less. I haven't had dry hands in the last five or six days! My wife noticed she didn't need to urinate as frequently even though she drank lots of the water. I have suspected for a long time that she was dehydrated, and I think the Atla water has successfully hydrated her. Now that her system is hydrated, she responds more normally. Our dogs have also responded well to the water. Their coats look healthier and their overall energy seems to be improved. We also feel the water has healing benefits that have manifested as a number of improvements to our health. We both have digestive problems and have noticed an improvement in these. My wife's digestive problems are more severe so she is taking medication for her acid reflux. Since drinking the Atla water her symptoms have abated and she has been able to reduce her medication dosage. Although my digestive problems are less severe, I am seeing a total cessation of any symptoms of my digestive problems! My wife was in a major car accident that left her with multiple severe back injuries. As she has gotten older, the injuries have become more painful and she was no longer able to stand for any length of time without great pain, so she used a motorized cart at the grocery store to limit the stress on her back. Three weeks after we installed the water system, she was in a store that did not have any motorized carts for the handicapped and thought she would just grab what she absolutely had to get and hurry out. Over an hour later, she finished her shopping and, to her surprise, she was not in pain. That weekend, we went to our daughters house warming party where she stood for over an hour talking to people in the kitchen before she needed to sit down. Then we realized that it must be the water. That is the only thing that had changed. We are very grateful for this life-giving water."

A.D. - Seattle, Washington

"I love Atla. It really changed my life. I have no more allergies, headaches, have lots more energy, and I don't get nearly as sick as my friends do from common colds and the flu. I was very happy to get the Home System since now I have Atla available all the time and I can use this water for cooking, washing my veggies and fruits, watering my plants and all my friends love having my special healthy water when they come over. I highly recommend to all to try it, you will feel the goodness of the water in the first sip!"

Katherine M. - Rainier, Washington

"Effects Mum has noticed so far: no severe dropping of blood sugar if she forgets to eat, feeling of well being, no more ragged round the edges feeling, feeling more able to cope with daily life instead of being tired all the time, blood sugar level easier to maintain, fluctuations in daily diet evened out, more warmth in feet, more circulation in area. Update: Mum has had continued improvement and maintenance while taking the water, see previous email for specific details. Her feet are still warm, although she still doesn't have her toes back on one foot. K.M. indicated that it was incredible the feeling she did have in comparison with what she had previously. One of the biggest things she has noted is that her blood sugar readings, which fluctuate between 130 and 110, with an occasional drop to 99 if she forgets to eat, have been very easy to maintain. Not only does she not crave the sugar boost, but if she does indulge the effect is minimal. Her blood sugar was spiking up into the high 100/s early 200's and she was having difficulty maintaining anything in the low acceptable ranges because of the cravings and imbalance even with the chemical pills."

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