Atla vs Reverse Osmosis

Atla vs Reverse Osmosis

Why is Atla better than reverse osmosis?

Better Health

Reverse osmosis systems excel at removing contaminants, but they also remove nearly all of the beneficial minerals. Science has confirmed that drinking reverse osmosis water causes more severe health problems than drinking water with contaminant levels within EPA guidelines.

As greater than 92% of the United States population has tap water that does not exceed EPA limits on a single contaminant (Data source: United States EPA, 2022), reverse osmosis water filters are an over-recommend solution that does more bodily harm than good. Learn more: Reverse Osmosis Water Exposed

On adding minerals back into reverse osmosis water, the World Health Organization states that "possibly none of the commonly used ways of re-mineralization could be considered optimum, since the water does not contain all of its beneficial components ... even the relatively low intake of the element with drinking water may play a relevant protective role."

Atla is 3rd party lab certified to remove contaminants while preserving the beneficial minerals.

So, while reverse osmosis has more contaminant reduction, because it also removes the beneficial minerals, it produces less healthful water than Atla, even if some minerals are added back in.

Zero Waste

Atla wastes no water. Reverse osmosis systems waste 2-20 gallons for every gallon of filtered water produced under normal usage conditions. (Membrane efficiency is not the actual efficiency of reverse osmosis systems.)

Lower Maintenance

Atla requires only one filter change annually. There is no reverse osmosis membrane to test and replace periodically or air-bladder pressure tank to service or replace.

Nearly all Atla Water Systems sold since 2009 are still in use today.

Quick Installation

Unlike reverse osmosis systems, Atla requires no drain line connection.

Atla can supply the cold side of the existing kitchen faucet, so a dedicated faucet is not required. But, of course, Atla can also power a dedicated faucet. And we offer installation services too.

Fast Flow Forever

Atla flows continuously at one gallon per minute and never runs out of water. On the other hand, reverse osmosis systems have slow flow that slows even more the longer the faucet is open, and they run out of water quickly.

Better Taste

Atla is the only premium under-sink filter with technology that imbues water with a lighter and more vibrant mouthfeel. Atla customers rave about the taste!


Better health? Better taste? Zero waste? Continuous flow?

That's Atla.

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