Nice to meet you

I’m Craig, founder of Atla.

Very few people today have ever drunk water that didn’t come from a tap, filter, or bottle. When I discovered that water taken directly from mountain streams tastes lighter and more vibrant than industry-supplied water, I had to figure out a way to share this experience with everyone. Fortunately, my background in mechanical engineering and nuclear physics prepared me for the challenge.

Years of research later

The Atla Water System is must-have kitchen technology that allows you to experience water the way nature intended, safely, sustainably, and in the comfort of your home.

Atla will likely be the only water you have ever craved. People and pets love it. It has a lighter mouthfeel and doesn't leave you feeling bloated when drinking larger amounts.

An unexpected surprise

I had no idea Atla would improve health beyond ordinary water. But when customers began sharing their health experiences, I was shocked. I invite you to read some of these reviews and reach out to an Atla Ambassador near you to try the water.

Join our tribe

With thousands of Atla Systems now in use around the world, Atla has developed somewhat of a cult following. We invite you to join our tribe of water lovers who know firsthand that good water is Atla Water.


Atla is something you have to experience to understand.

This is why we offer a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee on every Atla Water System.

  • Atla | Beyond Purification®

    Atla develops water tech that reaches beyond purification to create drinking water beyond compare. We empower individuals, families, and companies to make a sustainable choice without compromising on health, taste, or convenience.

  • About Our Name

    In Norse legend, Atla symbolizes the power of water and guards the rotation of the cosmos. As our technology recreates the spiraling dynamics of a mountain spring, she is a fitting muse whose name also sounds quite refreshing.