Atla is reducing bottled water impact and replacing wasteful reverse osmosis water filters.

In the United States alone, consumer demand for bottled water requires over 17 million barrels of oil each year, just to make the plastic bottles. Considerably more fossil fuel is burned in the production and transport of bottled water.

On the topic of sustainability, bottled water gets the spotlight because many consider it a commodity. Water is available at the tap, after all. Why don’t more people say no to a product that causes so much pollution both before and after consumption? The answer is complicated.

The market has spoken. Water isn’t just water.

The truth is all waters aren’t created equal and the difference is more than just brand marketing. Store shelves are now highly stocked with enhanced or functional waters such as alkaline water. And premium bottled waters have always enjoyed their position as something that could never emerge from a tap.

Many don’t realize it is premium bottled waters that have the largest environmental impact. This water is tapped from remote and often exotic locations, depleting aquifers and disrupting habitats before being shipped across oceans and continents to its final destination.

Perhaps we should even be happy that trends show more people reaching for enhanced or premium bottled water these days than a bottle of soda or energy drink. It is a more healthful choice.

In the case of enhanced and premium bottled waters, consumers are clearly demanding more than tap water or even filtered tap water can provide.

Existing solutions.

Traditional water filtration technologies for homes and businesses have reduced the consumption of mass-market, low-cost bottled water. This much is clear. However, reverse osmosis filtration, one such technology, also wastes 2-20 gallons of water for every clean gallon produced and is hardly a sustainable choice itself.

None of the existing technologies have been able to compete with enhanced and premium bottled waters. Taste, mouthfeel, health impact, and premium-ness are significant driving forces behind enhanced and premium bottled water sales.

Individuals, households, and businesses need more than a pat on the back to ditch bottled water and wasteful reverse osmosis filters. To accomplish this goal, we had to create something entirely better in every way. More convenience, lower maintenance, lower cost, improved health impact, better taste, and even more premium-ness.

Atla Technology

Atla recreates the fluid dynamics of a mountain spring to create a vibrant and lighter-tasting water people find addictive. We combined this technology with a proprietary filtration process that removes contaminants, preserves beneficial minerals, wastes no water, and requires only one filter change annually.

In addition to tasting better, the finest bottled waters are rich in magnesium. Atla infuses water with trace amounts of elemental magnesium to achieve a naturally alkaline pH.

Atla Systems also flow fast enough to supply the cold side of existing faucets. This allows our water system to be installed without a dedicated faucet. Homeowners desiring a single-faucet look and renters can install Atla with no countertop modifications whatsoever.

Atla is the first point-of-use water technology capable of competing directly with enhanced and premium bottled waters.

Why Atla?

A sustainable choice without compromise.

Individuals & Families

Premium water is foundational to a life without compromise. From ice cubes that make extra-smooth cocktails to elevated coffee drinks, more nutrient-dense meals, and happier house plants, Atla is the premium in-home system that recreates the dynamics of a fresh mountain spring, producing the smoothest, cleanest-tasting water available.

Atla isn’t mere filtration. It’s the rebirth of water, transformed and revitalized for those unwilling to compromise on taste, convenience, or sustainability.

Homebuilders & Kitchen Designers

Homebuilders and designers specifying Atla Systems differentiate their product from the masses. The consumer desire generated far exceeds the contract cost of Atla. Atla is also a greener choice as it doesn't waste water like reverse osmosis (RO) systems. Better taste. Zero waste. Continuous flow. That's Atla. And because Atla can power standard kitchen faucets, dedicated faucets are not required unless desired.

Businesses & Commercial Developers

Businesses with sustainability initiatives are everywhere today. Atla is here to help. Offices want to quit bottled water. Lunchrooms and coffee stations fitted with Atla Systems offer a premium perk for employees while eliminating bottled water waste and impact. Reverse osmosis systems waste water, require specialized maintenance with contracts, have a higher annual operating cost, and often run out of water. Atla Systems can be maintained by regular facilities staff, waste no water, and never run out of water. Atla is a clear winner for facilities.