Atla Cured My Magnesium Deficiency - Ashley's Story

Atla Cured My Magnesium Deficiency - Ashley's Story

What you will learn in this article...

  • Magnesium deficiency is common but rarely recognized
  • Read Ashley's story
  • Reverse osmosis water filters cause magnesium deficiency
  • Magnesium is vital to every organ in the body
  • The symptoms of magnesium deficiency
  • Atla Water Systems do not remove magnesium and even add more


Ashley's Story

“Our family had a very unfortunate experience with the reverse osmosis filter we installed earlier this year (we did not know it was depleting all of us of magnesium until we started exhibiting symptoms of magnesium deficiency a few months later). We took a chance and pulled the trigger on your product, then we sent water samples to an independent lab. We received the results today and I’m so, so glad to see them. I feel much more at ease and very satisfied with the water my family is drinking now! Thank you. And I forgot to add that I have a B.S. in environmental toxicology, with an emphasis in water quality. So you can imagine how important it is to me to have clean, healthy drinking water!”


Is your water filter making you dangerously magnesium deficient?

Reverse Osmosis water filters work by removing greater than 99% of dissolved substances from water. The water produced is clean tasting, without smell, and without harmful contaminates- a perfect glass of water, right?

What you may not know is that along with contaminants, key beneficial minerals such as magnesium are also removed. And, the body needs these minerals from the water you drink. Minerals in your diet are not a substitution. Drinking reverse osmosis water even flushes away the minerals from the food you eat. Most are unaware that their health issues are a result of magnesium deficiency.

Recognize the symptoms of magnesium deficiency

Do you know the symptoms of magnesium deficiency? There are 22 scientifically proven medical conditions that result from insufficient magnesium levels including but not limited to:

  • Migraines
  • Blood clots
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

Magnesium is vital to every organ in the body

The “miracle mineral” regulates over 300 functions in the body including your heartbeat, muscles, and hormones. It’s estimated that around 75% of the population is deficient in magnesium. Inadequate amounts of the mineral may trigger 22 medical conditions including anxiety and diabetes. A water system should do more than just "remove stuff" from water. Water systems are supposed to improve your health!

The Atla Water System is different

Unlike other filters, Atla...

  • Removes contaminants without also removing the beneficial minerals
  • Uses ActivMag™ Technology to ensure the water you drink has a proper, naturally alkaline pH through the addition of trace amounts of elemental magnesium
  • Preserves the beneficial calcium and magnesium reverse osmosis systems strip away

Atla's unique process removes toxins and preserves the beneficial minerals

The Atla Purification Module uses Activ8™ technology to remove contaminants without removing any beneficial minerals. It utilizes two varieties of coconut carbon block plus KDF-55, Fluorgon™, and ActivMag™ to create contaminant-free and mineral-rich water.

Atla is certified by a 3rd party laboratory to remove most chemicals including chlorine, chloramines, and VOCs without stripping naturally occurring minerals. Atla also reduces water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel and chromium and also controls the buildup of bacteria, algae, and fungi.

ActivMag™ Technology ensures the water you drink has a naturally alkaline pH through the addition of trace amounts of magnesium at levels optimally utilized by the body.


WHO Report-Health Risks from Drinking Demineralized Water

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