The Morning Liter™ - A Passport to Radiant Health

The Morning Liter™ - A Passport to Radiant Health

Ayurvedic Water Therapy

The Morning Liter™ by Atla is derived from an ancient Ayurvedic water therapy believed to have extended lives and cured the diseases of many. It is based on the philosophy that ridding the body of toxins and achieving ideal cellular hydration is paramount to a healthy body and long life.

Why It Works

During our sleep, many metabolic nasties accumulate, and it is beneficial to flush them out of the body immediately after waking. Doing this reduces brain fog, cleanses and restores the fluid balance of the blood, and provides needed minerals and hydration to kick-start the day. The Morning Liter also cleanses and hydrates the bowel and other organs.

The Morning Liter™ Instructions

  • Upon waking, drink 1 liter, or two 16oz glasses, of Atla Water (yes, before your coffee)
  • Consume the entire volume. If you cannot consume the entire volume, wait a few minutes and finish the remainder
  • Use water directly from the Atla Water System. Do not use refrigerated Atla Water
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 15 minutes after The Morning Liter


If you are someone who wakes up and immediately jumps in the car for a one-hour commute, you may want to do The Morning Liter at your workplace. You will need to urinate several times after finishing The Morning Liter. Trust me; you'll feel so good incorporating this into your daily routine that the inconvenience is well worth it.

If you are having trouble consuming a full liter, start with half or less and build up your ability over time. Drinking Atla Water isn't like drinking ordinary water. Atla doesn't slosh around in your stomach or leave you feeling bloated for even a couple of minutes. Instead, it feels like the body absorbs it right away.

Founder's Note

I've been doing The Morning Liter since I invented Atla Water in 2007, and I love it so much. It makes such a difference in my day that I never skip it. Whenever I wake up with a light headache or grogginess, I know The Morning Liter will fix me up pronto. This practice provides noticeable improvements and never lets me down.

In 2020 I discovered the Medical Medium information from Anthony William. Anthony recommends lemon water first thing in the morning and with many of the same instructions as The Morning Liter. As I'm always looking for ways to get more minerals into my diet, I immediately adopted this into my daily routine. If you also want to give it a try, here it is adapted to The Morning Liter:

  • Add the juice of one lemon (or lime) to 1 liter of Atla Water
  • Some brains (like mine!) need glucose first thing in the morning. Add 1 teaspoon (5 mL) of raw honey to your 1 liter of Atla Water

P.S. It's a myth that lemon juice deteriorates tooth enamel (just like it is a myth that consuming fruit is harmful because of the sugar). Consume it without worry. Nature knows best.

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