Filter Set - FS300

$ 134.95

This filter set fits Atla/AquaLiv Water System models A305 and A300.

Filter Discounts

New Atla System owners, check your email for a Filter Change Reminder sent 11 months after your system purchase. It includes a $20 filter discount. Use the discount to start your filter subscription at the lowest possible price. Future shipments will include the $20 discount automatically.

Long time customers, we are replacing our $20 annual discount code program with the subscription program. Be sure to subscribe to save $20 on filters annually. If you have a valid discount code, you can use it in your subscription order. Annual discount codes will no longer be emailed beginning December 1st, 2022.

When you change your filters on schedule, you're paying just $0.31 per day to have supernatural water on tap at home. Compare our value to any other premium water on the market!


We recommend sanitizing during filter changes. Click Here for information.

Inspect for Breakage!

Covid has caused online shopping to skyrocket and FedEx is overburdened. Filter damage is occurring in transit. Please inspect your order upon arrival. Report any breakage within 30 days to get replacements without additional charges. Thank you.

Filter Change Frequency & Purpose

Filter changes are recommended every 1000 gallons or one year whichever comes first.

Atla filters are specially designed to add magnesium, keeping your water naturally alkaline. The filters run out of magnesium and can't keep your water alkaline beyond one year.

Bacteria growth also degrades carbon filter media, releasing previously captured contaminants back into your water if left in use too long.


Filter Set FS300 includes everything to replenish your Atla/AquaLiv Water System. Please note that the black tanks never need filters or servicing, outside of sanitizing during filter changes.

System Identification

  • Does your system consist of two (2) or three (3) independent modules?
  • Do you have one (1) white purification module comprised of three (3) filters?

If yes on both, this cartridge set is for you. 

Filter Change Instructions

Step by step filter change instructions is included with every filter set. You can also download the instructions below.

Filter Change Instructions PDF

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