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Shok Blok™ Pressure Surge Protector

Shok Blok™ Pressure Surge Protector

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Atla/AquaLiv Water Systems are rated for water line pressures up to 75 psig. If you have a higher water pressure or are in an area that gets pressure surges or water hammer, we highly recommend installing a Shok Blok™ Pressure Surge Protector.

Shok Blok™ is designed for high-pressure installations to protect water filters, ice makers, coffee machines, chillers, hot tanks, and water coolers to name a few.

All appliances that connect directly to line pressure are susceptible to bursting at high pressures or sudden pressure surges. Shok Blok™ keeps your water pressure below 75 psig during surges as high as 200 psig.

Our Shok Blok™ features 3/8" OD Quick Connect fittings for plug-and-play use with the Atla/AquaLiv Water System.

How do I know when I need a Shok Blok™?

Shok Blok™ is not a pressure regulator, it only protects against sudden pressure surges above 75 psig. If you have line pressure above 75 psig, we strongly recommend a whole house pressure regulator be installed and set to 60-70 psig. This will also greatly extend the life of your faucets and water-connected appliances.

If you are using the Atla/AquaLiv System with a dedicated faucet and the water flows with way too much force when the faucet is fully open, add a Shok Blok™.

If in doubt, add a Shok Blok™. It is very inexpensive insurance against high-pressure surge failures and subsequent water damage in your home.

How is Shok Blok™ installed?

  • Turn off the water supply to the Atla/AquaLiv System
  • Open the faucet to relieve pressure, then shut it
  • Using a sharp utility knife and cutting board, squarely cut the tubing connecting the inlet of the Atla/AquaLiv System to the water supply
  • The Shok Blok™ is directional. Insert each end of the cut tubing into the Shok Blok™ while noting the direction of flow indicated on the outer body of the Shok Blok™
  • Ensure tubing is pressed fully into the Shok Blok™
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